Hermes is a logistics- and e-commerce-oriented shipping and receiving company based in Hamburg, Germany, and belonging to Otto GmbH.

About Hermes

The company was founded in West Germany, in 1972, as Hermes Paket-Schnell-Dienst GmbH, by Otto Versand and Werner Velbinger, after the former's five-year planning phase for starting and managing an independent express package delivery system. At the time, one of the companies belonging to the Otto Group, Schwab Versand (known as Sheego since 2021) has remained HVS's client for years to come, increasing its' workload by almost 5 million parcels.

It didn't operate in East Germany until 1990, and that's also when HVS continued pursuing technological advancements, now that they've had the budget for it, starting with data processing, computerised tour planning and package following. In 1999, they've already had a sizeable list of partnering shops, like Bon Prix, Witt and Alba Moda, as well as ParcelShops - a minimart that also serves as a package collection centre.

Hermes mostly operates within Europe, with expansions to other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Russia and Austria and Italy taking place since 1997. Hermes Austria remains their most prominent branch. Hermes UK, has since been rebranded as Evri.

Hermes has several units handling e-commerce deliveries: Hermes Fulfilment, Hermes NexTec and Hermes BorderGuru.

Hermesworld package tracking

ETracking allows you to track all of your parcels in one place, with minimum effort: just paste the tracking number into either our webpage or phone app, we'll do the rest for you. With eTracking, there's no need to use a dedicated Hermesworld tracking app for every different store anymore!

One click or tap is enough to follow your parcel for free, no logging in required. You will be provided with detailed Hermesworld tracking history from across the world, all within a simple, clean and intuitive user interface. Real time Hermesworld tracking is also possible, meaning that as soon as the package reaches a checkpoint, the history will be updated as soon as possible.

To further simplify the tracking process, if you have to follow multiple packages at once, all the time, consider getting our phone app, available on both iOS and Android. Simple Hermesworld shipping lookup is only a couple of taps away from you!

How does Hermesworld update the tracking

At each and every stage of delivery, the Hermesworld tracking status receives an update. Since every parcel comes with a unique tracking number, it's very likely that your package specifically will have its' route history updated.

Bear in mind that due to the load most postal services have to go through, the update may take up to 24 or, in edge cases, 48 hours to happen. Even though eTracking keeps you up to date with the package in real time, updates themselves may not be instantaneous.

What to do if Hermesworld tracking is not updated

Sometimes, Hermesworld location tracking may not update after a long time, even though it's not in a multi-day transit. In cases like this, you may want to wait 24 hours more for the courier to update the tracking history. If that doesn't happen either, consider calling Hermesworld 's customer service.

What to do if the parcel is not delivered

Much more often than not, Hermesworld should deliver the package on the estimated date, but due to various circumstances, it's never guaranteed.

In case your package doesn't arrive on time, you can:

  • wait for 24 or 48 hours past the estimated delivery date;
  • report the missing package to the courier so that they could look for the package and send it to you.

If both of those methods fail, you very likely should apply for damage compensation.

To claim compensation for damage, check Hermesworld 's info pages for how to do that or, if you won't be able to find the right bit of info, call customer support so they could provide you with each step. Generally, you'd need to check whether or not your package is eligible for such a compensation, then figure out what's the timeframe of filing such a claim, then collect all the documentation and evidence required to prove that you have indeed paid money for the package and that it did not arrive, or it arrived in a severely beat-up state.

In order to prevent packages from not getting delivered, consider investing into a better shipping insurance. This should not only provide better guarantee of the parcel reaching your doors, but also better and more detailed Hermesworld delivery tracking.

Track Hermesworld by tracking number

Every package is provided with a unique ID - an identifier used to easily keep track of a parcel by both the recepient and postal services. eTracking makes Hermesworld tracking number lookup possible and easy - as long as the tracking number is there.

After your order is confirmed, the store you bought the item from should provide you with a tracking ID, either through the order confirmation letter, or through the orders page. If you're still not sure where to find it, consult the store's help pages. Remember that there may be certain items that require you to pay extra for detailed tracking, or even as much as the tracking number itself, so it might not be present at all.

If you do find the tracking ID, copy it, then paste it into the corresponding field in eTracking, then hit Enter to receive detailed tracking info on this number.

Hermes tracking number format

Hermes tracking number structure usually consists of 16 digits.