Package Tracking

How to track my package with eTracking tool

eTracking is an easy and all-encompassing tool to track an order online, check the package and delivery status, no matter which country or shop you got it from: as long as it's trackable, you'll know where the package is in no time. Just type in the track order ID, and you'll see everything you wanted to know.

Aside from any post office anywhere in the world, our service can track goods from a multitude of eCommerce platforms, mainly eBay, Amazon, Shein and Aliexpress.

Online shipment tracking

We provide online shipment tracking that allows you to follow it’s delivery in real time.

Track an international package

Need to track an international package? No matter the courier or carrier, our app allows you to keep an eye on any parcels delivered by them, from all over the world. No need to find specific websites to track it all down - with our universal tracking, all of it is accessible from one place.

How to track a package with a tracking number

To look up your package, use the tracking number - a universal number registered across every courier and postal service worldwide, for your convenience and that feeling of having the parcel in the right hands.

What is a tracking number

Each package is given a unique tracking number so that post offices and deliverymen would have an easier time managing every box or envelope. The most commonly accepted format of an international tracking number consists of 13 symbols:

  • the recepient's country code (2 letters)
  • a unique ID (8 numbers)
  • check digit, deducted from the ID (1 number)
  • the sender's country code (2 letters)

This may vary between countries or individual courier services; international shipment tracking numbers in particular can be up to 35 digits long, as per ISO 15459-1.

Tracking number formats

There's plenty of formats that differ from the standard shipping tracking numbers, either by country (usually for internal use) or by courier:

How to use a tracking number

How can you check a package with a tracking number? Just type or paste it into the package ID field and hit Enter, the app will do the rest for you.

How to get a tracking number

Searching for your tracking number? Make sure the seller or the platform provided you with one: it may be part of order information, it may be listed alongside the purchase or it may be part of an order confirmation email.

How to find a tracking number on a package

Mail workers, deliverymen and then eventually you can identify your package using the tracking number listed on the parcel label. Usually, it's the one with the sender's and recepient's names and addresses.