Joom is a Latvian e-commerce company that specialises on selling various goods from China, Japan and Korea, as well as various European countries, Turkey and the rest of Asia, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Riga. During its' first few years, Joom was the second most popular China-focused e-commerce app in Russia, next to AliExpress, as well as the fourth most popular e-commerce app overall in the same country.

Joom operates a few other services, including Joompay, an electronic payment app, and Joom Logistics, a delivery service responsible for warehousing and transporting packages ordered on Joom.

Packages are currently delivered on business days only.

About Joom

Joom was founded in 2016 by Ilya Rubin, Yuri Ivanov and Ilya Shirokov, formerly the general director of the Odnoklassniki social network. The mobile app and the website were launched the same year, with the former being Joom's primary focus. Around 83% of the sales, according to Mediametrie, is done specifically from the app.

Despite being based in Latvia, Joom's initial development was done through the Russian market, as well as Russian IT specialists and programmers. Three advertising campaigns have been launched there throughout the next two years, making Joom one of the largest TV advertisers at the time, with 2331 ad spots bought.

In 2018, Joom establishes and launches its' own logistics company, Joom Logistics, with over 100 warehouses and hubs based in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, France and Germany. The company focuses on order processing, customs clearance and delivery for any goods ordered on Joom proper.

In 2020, JoomPay obtains its' financial activity license in Luxembourg, letting both Joom's regular customers and non-customers to transfer and receive money with anyone. Two years later, Joom partnered with Veriff, an Estonian-based global identity verification service, to provide Ukrainian refugees in Europe with free instant European payment accounts, all in line with the EU Temporary Protection Directive.

Nowadays, Joom boasts over 400 million users from all over the world, with approximately 25 million active users and 20 million active buyers. Most of the items are delivered from China to several European countries, with 42 global currencies supported.

Being an international company, Joom has offices in Latvia, Russia, China, Hong Kong, the United States, Germany and Luxembourg. The Joom group also owns JoomPro, a platform for wholesale, business-to-business trade of Chinese products (launched in 2021), and Onfy, a marketplace for pharmaceutical products that operates only in Germany (launched in 2022).

How to track Joom order with eTracking

eTracking allows you to track all of your parcels in one place, with minimum effort: just paste the tracking number into either our webpage or phone app, we'll do the rest for you. With eTracking, there's no need to use a dedicated Joom tracking app for every different store anymore!

All you need to do to get Joom tracking details for your package is to paste the tracking number into the appropriate field and hit Enter, the webpage or the app will do the rest for you. Joom package tracking history is thoroughly described, with delivery statuses, carriers invovled and locations it's been in. As Joom parcel tracking is done globally and is followed in real-time, getting the most up-to-date status is not a problem at all.

Note that depending on the store and the shipping method, Joom may use different couriers for the transfer, whether they are local, international or store-specific. Most popular carriers used can be DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, DB Schenker, China Post or Royal Mail. Our Joom delivery tracking service should be able to show all of the above, and many more.

To further simplify the tracking process, if you have to follow multiple packages at once, all the time, consider getting our phone app, available on both iOS and Android. Simple Joom shipment tracking is only a couple of taps away from you!

Joom delivery service tracking

Every order in Joom is handled by various postal shipping and delivery services. Who's handling it depends on which carrier the seller is using and whether it's an international delivery or a domestic one. Certain originally domestic carriers, such as Deutsche Post DHL and Royal Mail, now operate worldwide. Certain stores, such as Aliexpress, have their own, internal postal service, Cainiao, to sort out all of they packages before they leave China and move onto transit.

No matter how far or close, eTracking is able to determine which courier is delivering the order and where exactly, as our Joom shipping service tracking has that capability. As always, it's included in the detailed Joom shipping status report.

Check Joom order status

If you have the need to track Joom order online, eTracking provides the most relevant, up-to-date info on its' current whereabouts and its' delivery status.

Joom shipping status updates in real time, nearly always without delay - as long as either the store or the services responsible for handling the package update it, too, as soon as possible.

What is Joom tracking number

Joom order tracking number is a unique ID of the package, used both by recepients and postal workers alike for ease of identification. Those depend on the courier handling it and the country it's arriving from, as they come in different formats, with S10 being the most internationally accepted one, starting with the recepient's country code, followed by eight unique numbers, one check digit and the sender's country code.

Domestic postal services and international carriers, as well as their sister companies, each have their own tracking number formats. Some of the more popular carriers use the following:

  • USPS: 20 digits; or 10 digits for Global Express Guaranteed(R);
  • UPS: United Parcel Service: 18 symbols, starting with 1Z and ending with a check digit;
  • DHL Express: 10 digits; otherwise, 000, JJD00, JJD01, JVGL or similar, followed by 8 digits;
  • DHL Ecommerce: GM, LX, RX or similar, followed by a unique ID from 10 to 39 digits;
  • Fedex: 12 or 15 digits;
  • China Post/4PX Express: same as the 9-digit format, but starting with the letters AQ.

How to find Joom tracking number

Joom package tracking number is usually provided by Joom itself after the order is confirmed and the parcel is sent off. Usually, to find it, all you need to do is check either the store's orders page, or the order confirmation email.

Where is the Joom tracking number, if neither of the above have it? Bear in mind that certain items require you to pay extra to provide detailed package tracking, or any kind of tracking at all, which might be why your package isn't present in most postal databases out there. If you're not sure, or if you're certain there is tracking attached to your item, make sure you check out Joom 's help pages or, if you still have no luck finding it, call Joom 's customer support.

Joom tracking number format

The format of an international Joom tracking number may vary depending on the courier responsible for delivering the package. More often than not, it may use the internationally accepted S10 format, comprised of two letters representing the recepient's country code or the package category, eight unique digits, one check digit and two letters representing the sender's country code, usually China (or CN, for short).

Packages may also be delivered by DHL Express or YunExpress, with the formats for each being as follows:

  • DHL Express: starts 000, JJD00 or JJD01, followed by 8 or so digits; could be just 10 digits, without any letters.
  • YunExpress: starts with YT, followed by 16 digits.