Courier and Postal Services

Tracking a courier package online using the etracking application

Online courier tracking's made easier with the eTracking app! We provide an all-courier tracking solution that makes following the delivery of your goods accessible from one place and usable in two steps.

Application for tracking all parcels of international and internal couriers

With eTracking, it's possible to keep track of packages delivered both by domestic and international courier services. No matter the country, we can provide shipping and delivery info from courier companies from all over the world.

How to track courier delivery

All you need to do is type in the tracking number and hit Enter. If the tracking ID is valid, you should receive details on your package's movement: where it is now, who it went through, who forwarded the parcel where and the full list of carriers that transport it.

Delivery courier tracking can go through several parties if the parcel came from another country.

Track courier location

eTracking allows you to easily track courier delivery status online, as their location will be included with everything else. This way, you can also see how long it takes for a courier to deliver a package.

How to use courier company tracking number to find the location of the courier

Simply type in the tracking ID in the appropriate field and hit Enter - if the courier company tracking number is valid, a report which, among other things, will contain the name of the courier and it’s location.

How to find out courier company from tracking number

Type in the tracking ID of your parcel and hit Enter. As long as the number is valid, you'll get detailed info on your package's movement, including the names of couriers handling it.

Tracking number format by carrier

The tracking number is a unique identifier for each package, used by both mail workers and recepients for easy identification. Those come in a variety of formats, the most accepted international one, called S10, containing:

  • the recepient's country code
  • eight unique digits
  • one check digit
  • the sender's country code

Formats of a tracking number vary, both for domestic postal services and international delivery couriers, and can go up to 40 digits or symbols. For instance, United Kingdom's internal tracking numbers include either 2 letters and 7 digits or 4 letters and 10 digits.

How to know which courier is involved in handling your package, from the tracking number alone? Here's some of the more popular formats they use: